Personalise your home entrance with...

  • Unique humour
  • A favourite quote
  • A family name
  • A fun look
  • A child's sketch
The choice is completely yours when you opt for the 'Design Your Own Mat'. Available in two size choices (though we can quote you for special sizing if required)

Great gift ideas

Tired of going to weddings with kitchen appliances or sets of glasses as gifts? How boring! Why not create a unique gift for the newlyweds? Tired of scouring gift shops and baby boutiques to find something more interesting than a fluffy toy or a baby blanket? Why not create a unique gift for the new arrival to play on? Do you want to give someone you love a great start to their new business? what about an Adoremat with their logo on it to make a great first impression on all their new clients! Do you need to buy a housewarming gift for someone who has everything? Think Adoremat! The only limit is your imagination on creating a unique and truly personal gift for someone you care about.