Hi. That's me - Rachael.

My ultimate goal? To make the world a more joyful place - one door at a time. 

I only print positive mats. Ones which inspire and bring joy. No negativity allowed!

It’s always great to cause happiness! So, I love hearing customer feedback, because whether they've created an Adoremat for themselves or someone has gifted them one, they are always stoked to finally have a mat and an entrance for their home that really resonates with them.

Plus, a percentage of sales from my mats go to causes dear to my heart. My father was born in India and I know how much of a lucky headstart in life it is to be born in Australia.  I love to donate to groups that help educate women and children who have been born in areas around the world where the lack of safety and stability compromise their progress.

Please read more on how we support charities with Roundify.

What I've learnt from my customers...

Doormats (and especially Adoremats!) make fabulous gifts. My customers gift Adoremats as wedding presents, Christmas presents, birthday presents, house warmings & engagement gifts - which means my customer has been thoughtful enough to give a really personal and personalised gift to the person they love. And every time they walk across their mat they will remember and think of you!

A mat is a great gift to celebrate a new home, a new family, a new baby – to mark something special by giving something special. And it will actually get used – every day!

And they are a great gift solution to the person who is hard to buy for. Let’s face it – sometimes it's difficult to buy for grandparents because they usually already have almost everything they need. But I've learnt Grandparents LOVE seeing the weird and wonderful squiggles created by their grandchildren and printed into a doormat for their home. A gift full of love and something they love to show off to their visitors and neighbours.

I find most of the time customers create their own mats. They know what they want to say, they know what brings a smile to their face and joy to their home. Their unique style and taste is unleashed. I love that Adoremat can do that.


How did it start?

I started Adoremat from my home in Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia - on beautiful  Gumbaynggirr country. It was scary but it was fun.  My partner Paul and I had a Mat Service business which supplied and cleaned commercial logo mats. My friends started to ask for mats for their own homes. Why? Because they knew they were awesome quality, long lasting, available in large sizes and a range of colours, the fact that the mats can be washed in the washing machine and they could design a really personal entrance message so they wanted them for their homes.

I utilised the technology traditionally only used in the commercial world to offer businesses their logos on their doormat and brought it into the home.

Where to?

Through Adoremat the World is becoming a more joyful place. Adoremat has work to do which reaches further than the front door.

Stay tuned.

~Rachael xo