A doormat is more than just to wipe your feet

How often do you walk in your front door or anyone’s front door and pay attention to the door mat?

Never, probably. The humble door mat is a part of the house that is taken for granted. Normally, we ignore it because they are so boring, bland and easy to ignore.

At Adoremat, we make custom-made door mats that shout out to be noticed. We think a door mat is for more than just wiping your feet.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Expression of style – by getting a custom-made door mat you can create any design you want; something to reflect your personality, sense of humour or support for a cause.
  2. A welcome sight – a custom-made door mat can do a lot more than stop dirt getting into the house. You can put on the mat any saying or image you want that will make your guests feel wanted right from the get go.
  3. Personal touch – your front door is the gateway into your sacred space. Having a custom-made door mat means you can add your personal flair to make a statement to anyone coming to visit you.
  4. Warning – with allergies on the rise, you can turn your custom-made door mat into a warning sign letting people know your home is nut free or free from any other type of allergen.
  5. Support a cause - The National Aboriginal Design Agency is delighted to reveal the fruits of its collaboration with Adoremat: a range of designer doormats which feature our artists’ stunning designs. Royalties raised from each mat sale offer real benefits to the artists in the form of an ongoing income stream; and to Aboriginal communities on the Mid North Coast of NSW (Gumbaynggirr, Dunghutti, Biripi and Worimi) with profits going back to NADA’s sister organisation Saltwater Freshwater to run important cultural community projects.
  6. Art exhibition – if you have buddying young artists in your house, a custom-made door mat is a great way to put that art work on display for all to see.