Four Reasons You NEED a Door Mat

Home is where the heart is and when we invite people into our home, we want them to feel welcome. That welcome starts at your front door …at the door mat.

Seriously, it may be something that you normally just wipe your feet on but it plays so many roles beyond that.
So next time you walk in the front door, look down and appreciate all the good things you mat is doing; some of them sensible and others a little bit of fun.

When people come to your office or home, they do not always take off their shoes. A custom door mat can help look after your floors and entry way by getting rid of dirt and muck even before they get over the threshold. Mats also keep the moisture out when it rains so you do not have to go around after cleaning up dirty footprint.


Having a custom-made door mat at your front doors is a great way to showcase your personal style and flair. Adoremat can be turned into any design or look you want – your child’s art work, a pattern you love, a fav saying or a picture of your family. All you are limited by is your imagination.

They say first impressions count. You want people to feel welcome when they come over to your house. We’re not saying that a mat is going to do all the work but when someone walks up to your front door and the first thing they see is a custom-made door mat featuring your fav saying or a big bright happy picture, they are going to start the visit with warm fuzzies.

Yes, we live in an age of litigation. The last thing you want is a visitor to your office slipping and hurting themselves. An custom made entry mat can prevent slips and falls