How Adoremat Works...

Customers usually come to Adoremat after being a bit fed up of the stock standard doormats available in the Hardware store or Supermarket. 

The Adoremat customer for the Home is generally a house proud person who values quality. Hundreds of colours are able to be printed on the mats which really gets customer's creatively excited! They love being able to match back and colour co-ordinate to their decor or favourite colour.

With the Adoremat mats being washable in the washing machine the mats not only look great but are really functional as the dust and dirt can eradicated from the mat with a wash. This in turn makes the mat more functional.

A number of customers come to us from Instagram or by searching for images of doormats and seeing something they can relate to. Our main product we sell like this is our Wreath Doormat where the wreath surrounds an Initial of the Surname.

We also get the creative customer, who has a picture of a property or boat name and wants a doormat to match. These are often given as gifts, as the giver doesn't have the artwork file, but our Graphic Designer can create a printable file for an extra $30 surcharge. We also pass on the file so the customer can have it for other creative uses.

If the customer has an idea of what they are after they can use our App where we have put a variety of templates that are easy to modify just by changing text and colours.